Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sofie – I Love You

Sofie – I Love You

Since the day we met it seems like heaven came to me
I’ve got this funny sense of humor that delivers me
Is it good or bad that i believe each word you say
It feels that nothing can go wrong in your company

I’m honest
Not untauchable
I’m a woman but not weak
I’m fighting for my honour and i’m not so quickly pleased

I’m honest
Not untauchable
And i don’t like second touch
But i know that since the day i do it’s getting out of hand
I love you….

Don’t wonder how i know your name it’s wisphered by the breeze
And in a certain way it’s hypnotizing me
How can you size the spaces that we love in admiration
It is frightening it is something i can see

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Don’t… i love you…

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